Top 10 Reasons EVERYONE Is TURNING On Johnny Depp



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Top 10 Reasons EVERYONE Is TURNING On Johnny Depp Subscribe Here 👉 🤍 Recent Uploads: 🤍 Johnny Depp came out on top of his defamation court case against ex-wife Amber Heard, as well as in the court of public opinion. But now, it seems that the tides are changing as more and more people are starting to change their minds about the actor, and aren't happy with what they see. From hidden evidence to bad behavior on set, these are the Top 10 Reasons EVERYONE Is TURNING On Johnny Depp! #johnnydepp #canes2023 #jeannedubarry #amberheard #cancelled #scandal #top10 #celebritynews #celebrities #exposed #informoverload #informationoverload #io #celebnews #trendingnews #gossip #entertainment #drama #news Time Codes: 0:00- Intro 0:10- NEW WAVE OF BOYCOTTS 1:15- RENEWED INTEREST 2:20- ONLINE RIDICULE 3:39- REJECTING HOLLYWOOD 4:45- GROWING SUPPORT FOR AMBER HEARD 5:56- JOHNNY'S TOXIC FANBASE 7:11- #METOO MOVEMENT 8:12- AMBER'S MOVE TO SPAIN 9:11- AMBER'S RECENT INTERVIEW 10:19- THE SETTLEMENT 📱Instagram: 🤍🤍 📱Facebook: 🤍🤍 📱Twitter: 🤍 📱TikTok: 🤍🤍🤍informoverloadofficial ✉️Email | Contact: informoverload🤍 IN THIS VIDEO: Bridgette Shields: 🤍🤍 PRODUCER & FILMED BY: Chris Stiuso VIDEO EDITED BY: Aaste

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Top 10 Reasons EVERYONE Is TURNING On Johnny Depp
Top 10 Reasons EVERYONE Is TURNING On Johnny Depp
Top 10 Reasons EVERYONE Is TURNING On Johnny Depp
Top 10 Reasons EVERYONE Is TURNING On Johnny Depp
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Sandra Mickle
2023-09-02 21:22:26

Im NOT against him.

Tony Horsley
2023-07-07 11:02:09

Top 10 reasons why this channel is crap

Alleah Sasseville
2023-06-29 02:33:13

She is unbelievably vile

2023-06-18 07:39:28

She didn't lose because shes a woman and the world is against her. She lost because shes abusive and stupid! And trying to use the Me Too movement is disgusting. SHE was the abuser. It doesn't matter that he has more fans or that he's older, anyone can be abused! And for those who attack others for coming out about their abuse stories can go f*ck themselves. You dont know their story, you don't know their life. You have free speech but you do not get to tell someone that they cant speak out about their abuse. You dont have to believe them, but dont attack them too. It could be the last thing that pushes them over the edge. Unless there is PROOF they are lying just ignore if you dont like it and move on.

Mary Haskell
2023-06-18 03:36:57


Alan Hendricken
2023-06-04 17:13:44

I remember the trial. I don't blame her for moving, after everything she went through. I wasn't an Amber Heard supporter, but she needs to take a break from social media, she needs to work on herself. What's done is done. I know that I was one of the people who spoke out against her. I haven't changed my mind, I just think it's best to stand in neutral ground especially when it comes to 2 celebrities trying to tear each other apart in court. I hope they just drop the whole damn thing, and move on with their lives as much as possible.

Missy Faith
2023-06-01 02:41:42

I stand with Johnny Depp. She's been proven to be the abuser. This is a disgusting double standard. Why is it that if a woman is abused they stand by her but if a man is abused he's ridiculed.? I am an abuse survivor both domestic violence and sexual assault. Truth be told you could see he was abused based on his body language and some other things. AH is a vindictive,bitter poor excuse of a human being.

2023-05-30 21:15:55

Oh look, another women in complete denial of the abuse suffered by a man. Sick AF.

René M
2023-05-29 23:04:09

You can clearly see who this channel stans for with all the bs they love to post about Johnny Depp.

barbara Lebeau
2023-05-29 04:45:59

❤❤❤❤ love you Johnny

One Random Misfit
2023-05-28 01:06:11

Still team Johnny. She is so toxic and cruel so I could never be on her side.

2023-05-27 22:48:53

No one is turning on just the media that has always been against him.... i am sure that he has lined up (and probably has already filmed secretly) a lot of studio movies that are going to make billions of dollars onece they come out in 2024-2025-2026

melinda gray
2023-05-27 22:36:56

Snorting drugs in Virginia Court wasn't smart on her part either and she shed not one true tear.

2023-05-27 18:47:01

I only guess people after all this evidence who still take amber side are abuser themselves, and think nothing wrong with abusing people.

Emma Persson
2023-05-27 13:07:17

People are not turning on him. Wtf

lil k r
2023-05-27 07:45:12

Amber’s worth shit!!!! Love you Johnny ❤

Kelly Gad
2023-05-27 06:58:12

Bless you! Getting your info from MSM😅

2023-05-27 03:48:15

AH is upset because she thought she would be believed just because she is a woman. In reality she is a disgrace for all abuse victims. If the me too movement took a step back it is because of her. Liars aren’t good role models, they hurt the cause.

2023-05-27 03:35:17

I didn’t notice that Johnny Depp is shunned by everyone, only by AH lovers. He seems to be very popular and have a lot of success. Cannes isn’t Hollywood. The French are less prejudiced. Some of the American media thinks they have to condemn him for the next 100 years. Those are exactly the people he doesn’t need. He doesn’t have to be concerned about the support of his fans which he considers to be his employers.

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