Inside Johnny Depp's Red Carpet Return 1 Year After Amber Heard Trial

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Johnny Depp makes his first red carpet appearance since the Amber Heard trial at Cannes Film Festival.

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Inside Johnny Depp's Red Carpet Return 1 Year After Amber Heard Trial
Inside Johnny Depp's Red Carpet Return 1 Year After Amber Heard Trial
Inside Johnny Depp's Red Carpet Return 1 Year After Amber Heard Trial
Inside Johnny Depp's Red Carpet Return 1 Year After Amber Heard Trial
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2023-08-14 23:15:50

Happy to see Johnny doing well.

Elizabeth Hirst
2023-08-09 22:42:24

Controversy is a part of being a celebrity!

Elizabeth Hirst
2023-08-09 22:41:46

It is so good to see Johnny Depp again! good luck on your film!

Yvonne Murray
2023-08-02 18:15:21

I can't wait until the movie comes to Canada

Jim M
2023-07-31 08:32:37

Johnny Depp was abused by his Ex. He won his case in court. The media needs to stop their crap period. His Ex bought a home in Spain for $2 million. For someone who claims to be bankrupt she always manages to get money. Did she ever pay the $15 Million she owes Johnny or the $7 Million she owes to Charity? No! She perjured herself at her trial & should have been locked up. Why is it that Women can beat up men & not get punished for it? Is the Me 2 Movement for Women only? Many Men have been beaten by Women. My brother’s first wife beat him. Her 2nd husband had a difficult time leaving her because she claimed to be crazy. Finally he cheated on her. They were divorced. I believe she beat on him as well. I seriously think it’s pathetic that Johnny is trying to really make his life better & Jerry won’t commit to Johnny returning.

2023-07-18 01:20:11

Johnny seems very cool but I just hope he gets clean, from everything, even cigs, that is the most impt thing in all this.

janna fanta
2023-07-04 08:44:19

Johnny is the best !!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Robbie Allan
2023-06-25 14:12:03

She was so crooked and Amber thought she'd get a nice settlement but proven wrong NOT GUILTY. has she even paid her legal bills?
I don't believe Johnny would ever abuse her and each previous girlfriend said he was never abusive I think Amber just snowballed got in way too deep and just kept on lying.

lissalives Smoot
2023-06-24 05:05:25

How can she buy a 2 million dollar house? She owes Johnny! Plus, did she ever donate that money to those charities? 🙄

Strong Believer of the Holy Bible
2023-06-21 01:06:49

Fallen angels/ demons knows their time is short! Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon🙏🏼❤️🕊REPENT, believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again

2023-06-08 22:57:28

Didn't Johnny said he wouldn't go bavk to Disney even for Pirates 6

Linda Haney
2023-06-04 02:44:54

Fake johnny depp scammers ask you off of you tube than sweet talk you into giving money 😅😅😅😅

Adhi production
2023-06-01 15:37:16

❤❤❤Johnny depp ❤ ❤ ❤ my favorite ❤❤❤

2023-05-30 12:19:51


2023-05-27 22:52:31

Não perceberam que Jonnhy é O HERÓI, aquele que venceu uma batalha no Tribunal e a imprensa?

Ajay Kalpalli
2023-05-27 12:21:50

Amber Heard should start an onlyfans and start milking the trolls that support her. I mean, there wasn't any acting talent there to begin with. So, use what you have that has any little value left. Time is ticking, and girl's gotta eat.

William T
2023-05-27 09:55:28

Amber Heard Was The Abuser Not Johnny Depp

2023-05-25 20:09:07

seemingly unfazed by "amber's fans". like 3 against millions and millions of Johhny's fans? bring it on we'll crush them 😂😂

Nah that ain’t it
2023-05-23 13:26:53

Damn people really too crazy with their celebrity obsession it’s scary 🫣

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