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Trailer of OTC's theatre production OASIS OF DOUBT


|| March 25 - April 3 || Location: Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis || Tickets: 🤍 After commissioning the construction of thousands of wells in Sub-Saharan Africa, high-powered UN diplomat Kristina Jones is facing charges of bribery in a UN trial. Is she the public servant she claims to be, working towards peace, dignity, and equality under the UN flag? Or a master manipulator cashing in on others’ misery? This satirical drama is loosely based on the personal experiences of the writer Roberto Garcia Saez, a former Senior UN Officer. OASIS OF DOUBT is a co-production with HMST, and is directed by Alina Polichuk. Trailer by Alina Polichuk

Короткометражка "145-ый км" | Short movie "145th km"


18+ В фильме присутствует нецензурная лексика! Криминальная комедия В ролях: Илья Полянский, Валентина Зудова, Катрин Асси, Валентин Валл Страница на кинопоиске: 🤍

короткометражный фильм "Кастинг"


Комедия. Молодой актер Валентин, попадает на кастинг очень крупного проекта, после которого он может «проснуться знаменитым». Режиссер и оператор готовы буквально вывернуть на изнанку актера, чтобы раскрыть на камеру его способности. Но Валентин настроен решительно и готов на все, чтобы пройти кастинг. Или почти на все… Жанр: комедия Страна: Россия Год: 2012 режиссер: Алины Поличук в ролях: Прохор Чеховской, Иван Машнин, Константин Константинов, Анна Воронова Страница фильм на Kinopoisk 🤍 Победитель кинофестиваля "Метры" в номинации "Приз зрительских симпатий" (г. Тверь), победитель кинофестиваля "Видение" в номинации "Лучший игровой фильм" (г. Кемерово), участник кинофестивалей "Первый шаг" (г. Нижний Новгород), "Кадр, вперед" (г. Ярославль) и "Древо жизни" (г. Москва).

Nielson - Bliksem (official video)


Beluister 'Bliksem' via jouw favoriete streamingdienst: 🤍 - Volg Nielson 🤍 🤍 🤍 Nielson - 'Bliksem' video credits Regie: Alina Polichuk Producer: Ellen Timmer Productie Assistent: Maartje van der Woude DOP: Reinout Steenhuizen 1st AC: Julius Kuyper Gaffer: Dylan Luijten Edit: Erik van der Bijl Grading: Jelle Helwig Stylist Nielson: Peter Westenberg MUAH Nielson: Ellen Sijm Stylist dansers: Ilse Lans MUAH dansers: Romee Stapel Dansers: Denden Karadeniz - Thirza Putri Riphagen Songcredits Nielson - Bliksem Music & lyrics: N.L. Littooij/ L.O. Martens/ B.M. de Ronden Producer: L.O. Martens 🤍 Coach House Music Mixer: Miles Walker 🤍 Silent Sound Studios Mastering: Colin Leonard 🤍 SING Mastering (P)2021 Pacemaker Music B.V. exclusively licensed to Sony Music Entertainment Netherlands B.V.



Моя музыка в рекламе Faberlic Режиссер: Алина Поличук (Alina Polichuk) Композитор: Юрий Фаертаг (Yury Faertag) ДЛЯ КОММЕРЧЕСКИХ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЙ : faertagmusic🤍 ИНСТА: 🤍 _ Меня зовут Юрий Фаертаг, я кинокомпозитор, свободный художник, сделаю для Вас лучшую музыку, обращайтесь!

RANI - Knock you down


The official music video of RANI - Knock you down Listen to RANI - EP9: 🤍 Follow RANI Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍 "Knock you down" Written by: RANI, Will Knox, Matthijs de Ronden and Lodewijk Martens Produced by: L.O. Martens Mixed by: Tony Maserati Mastered by: Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound VIDEO CREDITS: Director: Alina Polichuk 🤍alinapolichuk DOP: Bas Andries 🤍basandries Producers: Alina Polichuk & Bas Andries Editor: Jelle Posthuma 🤍jelleposthumafilm CG: Bram Baas 🤍baas.bram Casting: Gonda Haanstra 🤍lookatgon Dutch Casting Agency 🤍dutchcasting Production Assistant: Brenda van der Linden 🤍brendalinden, Elizabeth Chrysanta 🤍eliza_chrysant H/MU: Mitzy Mudde Wardrobe Stylist: Suuz Bisschops Characters: Milou Deelen 🤍miloudeelen Nova Andries 🤍noofandries Ximena van Keulen 🤍ximena_van_keulen Michelle Mooij 🤍zomooij Brenda van der Linden 🤍brendalinden Elizabeth Chrysanta 🤍eliza_chrysant Winston Janssen 🤍winstonjehosua Gaby Berger 🤍gibsberger Risé Benschop 🤍rise_benschop Jovan Mitrovic 🤍regefoka Dirkje van der Pijl 🤍dirkje_vdpijl Angel Rose 🤍_angelrose Annika van Amerongen 🤍anni.kava Bianca Kleebert 🤍queenbek Dizencio Vineyard 🤍dizzyvineyard Eleanor Aurora 🤍xmaritamonster Jewell Bergen 🤍dua.nap Jordi Fernandes 🤍jordifernandes Mishel Bronx 🤍mishelbronx Luca Salvation 🤍mr.lucasalvation Gaby Vineyard 🤍gabyvineyard Lyrics: Never been good at parties I always feel so lost Just one of the people talkin’ Pretending to be someone that I’m not Feel ‘em staring at me On the dark side of the room I dunno why they’re laughin’ But I’m wonderin’ Why do i care Surrounded by my so called friends I don’t wanna be here I know I know I know I know I shouldn’t care Back again staring in the mirror I’m facing my fears Oh.. Come on girl keep your head up Everybody wanna see you down You’ve heard it all before but That’s not gonna stop you now Heavy heart, pick yourself up Even when they wanna push you ‘round You’ve heard it all before but That’s not gonna knock you down Not not gonna, Not not gonna Not not gonna knock you down Not not gonna, Not not gonna Not not gonna, knock you down Shouldn’t pick up that cellphone It always brings bad news Makes me feel unworthy When they filter out the truth I feel so empty Trying to look like they do And pretty never looked so ugly Why do I care Surrounded by my so called friends I don’t wanna be here I know I know I know I know I shouldn’t care Back again staring in the mirror I’m facing my fears oh.. Come on girl keep your head up Everybody wanna see you down You’ve heard it all before but That’s not gonna stop you now Heavy heart, pick yourself up Even when they wanna push you ‘round You’ve heard it all before but That’s not gonna knock you down Not not gonna, Not not gonna Not not gonna knock you down Not not gonna, Not not gonna Not not gonna, knock you down I beg you just to love the skin you’re in No wrong with what you see in that mirror You are worth more than that you could think Trust me I know and I am with ya Standing out should make you proud See the picture you don’t need to fit it Keep your head above crowd Know I’m with you now Come on girl keep your head up Everybody wanna see you down You’ve heard it all before but That’s not gonna stop you now Heavy heart, pick yourself up Even when they wanna push you ‘round You’ve heard it all before but That’s not gonna knock you down Not not gonna, Not not gonna Not not gonna knock you down Not not gonna, Not not gonna Not not gonna, knock you down

Fever Dreams: Art in the Time of Corona


FEVER DREAMS is short Screen Life film about Corona, precarity, and the necessity of making art. Fever Dreams premiered as a fundraiser for the theatre company. Fever Theatre is thrown for a loop when their company starts to break down due to COVD-19. Find out if Shiro, the Company's director, can keep their dream alive. Directed by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch & Kristine Johanson Written by: Kristine Johanson Cast: Shiro Mungai Grant Brown Matthew Carney Sairah Erens James Johnson Tamara Richards Loveday Smith Kristine Johanson Mark Vicente Toni Pape Mike Philips-Gomez Christina Boateng Executive Producers: Sairah Erens & Elyse O'Shaughnessey Produced by: Kristine Johanson & Daniel Hillel-Tuch Edited by: Daniel Hillel-Tuch Director of Photography: Michelia Kramer Consultant: Alina Polichuk Brought to you by: Wild Meep Video Production Orange Theatre Company OTC and the cast and crew of Fever Dreams would like to thank Wouter De Jong, James Johnson, John Theobald, and Jackie Pepall Music: ‘left you’ by lophiile 🤍 Sound Credits Sound ‘Glass Smash, Bottle, E’ by Inspector J available at 🤍 under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Choose Your Climber | Virtual Climber Video Game?


↡ I made a 'Choose Your Character' for rock climbing ↡ They say desperate times call for desperate measures. It definitely felt that way when I put Hannah's leggings on to create this short video. This fancy-dress video shoot kept me entertained for a few hours, and hopefully it's worth sharing. I first saw Alina Polichuk create a video-game style 'choose your character' for different quarantine personas. I couldn't resist turning the idea into a rock climbing themed meme. I had a lot of ideas, but I kept it pretty light-hearted. Are there any characters missing? If you like my videos, please comment or share :) Instagram ↡ Nathan | 🤍 Hannah | 🤍 Camera Kit ↡ Sony A6500 w/ Sigma 16mm, Sigma 30mm, Sony Zeiss 50mm, and Sony 18-105mm. Rode Videomic Pro.The Best Way to Start 2020

Woman creates lockdown video game parody 'choose your own quarantine character' - Today News


Thanks for watching my video. If you like my videos, please subscribe to the channel to receive the latest videos Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (🤍 For any copyright, please send me a message.   A video game parody all about the coronavirus lockdown has gone viral on social media.   Created by a filmmaker named Alina Polichuk, the entertaining TikTok clip tells people to choose their "quarantine character".  A bit like in a video game,where you select which character to play as, it then goes through the different character options.  Alina portrays all of the different 'characters' - one dressed in comfy clothes, with a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms, another dressed in workout gear, one in a dressing gown, one preparing to do some DIY and a different one with a bottle of wine and glass in hand.   Her video quickly went viral garnering 63,000 likes.   It has since been shared on Twitter by a user named Danielle Baskin, where it also accumulated more than 421,000 likes.  People found it hilarious and began coming up with names for the different characters, including Cosy McHoodie and Drunky McDrunkface.  Others spotted some noticeable gaps in the video, such as a lack of a character baking bread, something many people have been doing to keep busy during lockdown.  "Where's the bread baker and Nintendo Switch tho," asked one user.  Another commented: "You’re not truly quarantining until you’re baking your own bread."  Some simply couldn't get over the fact that Alina was mimicking the movement of an actual video game character.  "I can't. I CAN NOT. The 'game avatar movement' thing," said someone else.   A different Twitter user added: "I wanna play this. Someone call 🤍valvesoftware and pitch it."  This comes after a bizarre TikTok challenge went viral last week.   The Naked Challenge saw men and women stripping down to their birthday suit and walking in on their partners to surprise them while they were playing video games or working from home.  The naked person filmed their partner's reaction, usually with priceless results.

Мини фильм - ДЕД (короткометражка 2020) микро фильм от FlyBoy


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